This is one of the first of several, I’m sure as I’m going forward videos about becoming more open and transparent about what I’m doing, in my private practice beginning to educate you, in this platform in this format, more than I’ve ever done before. No, I have a couple of things on YouTube. And I have a lot of classes that I’ve taught that I put up online, but this is going to be a little bit different for me, and I’m really glad that you’re with me, I’m so glad that you’re at least with me right now.  There’s lots of different things I’ll be talking about in a wide variety of things. But it’s more about giving you some information about how to become your best self and you sharing that with those that you know so that they too can learn some skills that can be very beneficial for them again, hey, I want to thank you for taking these moments to be with me today. Again, my name is Dan Clark, and this is transform life and health and I will see you again next time.